Passes for people with reduced mobility

Legitimation cards for disabled passengers

Legitimation cards (form 82.61.f, available from the prefecture with a medical certificate) entitle disabled passengers or their travel companion to free travel. As the card is only valid for one person, the second passenger must purchase a ticket at the current rate to travel within the Vaud Fare Area (CTV).

When travelling alone, the ID cardholder must be in possession of a valid ticket.

Card for blind travellers on the urban network

The UTP ID card issued by tl allows the holder and their dog, as well as a travel companion, to travel for free on the tl lines within the Greater Lausanne zone. However, this ID card  is not valid on the LEB line as this is part of the regional transport system.

This card can only be obtained upon request by your doctor/association/hospital and must be accompanied by a medical certificate. It must be renewed each year. Guide dogs and working dogs travel free with a valid ID card.