Travel smart with tl: you tl solution for your new lifestyle

Has your daily life changed? Is the frequency of your travels different?

Ticket, Day Travel Pass, Monthly or Annual Travel Pass... Which tl solution best fits your new lifestyle?

I travel with tl...

Frequency of my travels.... ... Once or twice a day ... More than twice a day
... 1 to 3 times a week

The ticket
is the best option

Ex : ticket 2 zones adult for CHF 3,70

Day Travel Pass 
is the best option

Ex : day pass 2 zones adult for CHF 9,30
... More than 3 times a week

 Monthly or Annual Travel Pass

Ex : monthly pass 2 zones adult for CHF 74
Ex : annual pass 2 zones adult for CHF 740

Ticket - the best option for your occasional journeys!

"I live in Epalinges and study at the EPFL. For this new school year 2020, I have classes on the campus only 2 days a week. I use public transport to go to the campus, otherwise I travel exclusively by bike or on foot. I prefer to buy tickets only when I need them.

The Day Travel Pass: your tailor-made solution!

"I live in Morges and study at the Université de Lausanne. Since the COVID health crisis, I have been studying at home and go to the campus once or twice a week. During my lunch break, I go to the gym or do some shopping downtown. The Day Travel Pass is my favorite solution !"

What are the advantages of the Day Travel Pass?

  • Valid on the Mobilis zones of your choice.
  • Valid all day until 5am the next morning.
  • Can be purchased up to 60 days in advance at a tl/LEB Customer Center.
  • Can be purchased at any time on the app tl

Monthly or Annual Travel Pass – travel freedomly!

"I live in Renens and work/study at EPFL 3 days a week; the rest of the week I work/study from home. In my spare time, I often travel by car. The monthly or annual travel pass is economically interesting for me!"

What are the advantages of the monthly / annual travel pass?

  • Unlimited number of journeys on the Mobilis zones of your choice
  • The annual travel pass is valid for 12 months, but you only pay for 10 months.
  • The monthly travel pass commits you to a single month (no cancellation necessary)
  • The annual or monthly transferable travel pass : valid for the bearer, you can share it in the same household.
  • Montly and annual travel pass can be purchased online up to 60 days in advance at or at a tl/LEB Customer Center

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